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Health +500

Ayurvedic Giloy Sticks

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    ONION – 1 kg

    Vegetables 120.00 96.00
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    TOMATO – 500 grams

    Vegetables 30.00 25.00
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    GINGER – 100 grams

    Vegetables 33.00 21.00
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    LEMON – 6 pcs

    Vegetables 30.00 21.00

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Some Common questions:-

We Procure our products only after you place your order as our produce comes without a Preservatives or harmful additives. Therefore, instead of keeping your produce in our fulfillment center for days together and delivering it to you within a few hours, we procure the items that you want, when you want so that YOU receive the best.

As of now we are based in 9 Location throughout Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. 

100% All workers go through a Screening process  

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